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Mattie Kelly Arts Center

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Art Gallery:
Marjorie Huwa, 2017 Best-in-Show Winner

Art Gallery:
The 26th Emerald Coast National Juried Fine Arts Exhibition

College Production:
The Hunchback of Notre Dame

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Volunteer Opportunities: Ushers & Docents

Mattie Kelly Arts Center


The Usher Program

Arts Center UshersThe Mattie Kelly Fine & Performing Arts Center is fortunate to have the unselfish support of men and women who volunteer to serve as ushers for events. Without the committed support of the volunteer ushers it would be difficult for bring the high-quality Broadway productions and artistic events to the people of this area.

Ushers are vital to events at the MainStage Theater, the Sprint Theater, the Tyler Recital Hall and the NWF State College Amphitheater. They direct patrons to their seats, hand out programs and most importantly, they present a warm welcome to our patrons.

One large benefit of ushering is that most of the ushers working a show will be able to see the performance in its entirety. Each person who joins us a volunteer usher becomes an unofficial ambassador of the Mattie Kelly Arts Center. They all take pride in their professional attitude and caring demeanor - two traits that are invaluable to assisting our diverse audiences.

Making new friends is another large reward of the usher program. Ushers are honored once each spring with an appreciation luncheon on the stage of the NWF State College Amphitheater hosted by the President of Northwest Florida State College and the Director of the Mattie Kelly Arts Center.

Ushers are various ages, some work, part or full-time, some are retirees who live in various communities of the greater Fort Walton Beach/Destin area. Whatever their backgrounds, they come together to enjoy camaraderie, friendship and to be directly involved with the premier arts complex of Northwest Florida.

To become an usher, a person must commit to ushering several times each season, September through July. They should be willing to usher for functions other than Broadway and Artist Series shows, including morning shows for schools. They should be in good health and be able to maintain patience, tact, and diplomacy. They should be able to take genuine pleasure in greeting an audience and most importantly of all -- to serve with a smile.

A brief orientation is held for new ushers prior to their first experience, however, the best method of learning simply comes with experience. Of course, the House Manager and Head Usher area always there to provide leadership and direction when needed.

To find out more about becoming a Volunteer Usher, call the Audience Services Coordinator Suzanne Flood at 850-729-6065 or e-mail to

The Gallery Docents

Arts Center Galleries DocentsThe Mattie Kelly Arts Center Galleries are pleased to have the support of individuals who serve as docents. Gallery docents help expand and enhance the viewing experience of a visitor to the galleries, but they do not need to be art experts. Some of our docents also serve as teachers, learning facilitators, hosts, public relations representatives and good will ambassadors.

Some of the benefits of becoming an NWF State College Gallery docent:

  • Docents study with curators, NWF State College faculty and artists.
  • They participate in trips to museums, galleries and artists' studios.
  • Docents have access to an exceptional library of resource materials.
  • They take other NWF State College-sponsored classes, workshops and courses.
  • They attend NWF State College productions and performances.
  • They attend an annual luncheon sponsored by the college president at the NWF State College amphitheater.

We encourage you to find out if this might be something for you. Contact Petra Hartzog at 850-729-6044 or e-mail to