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Historical Drama "Buffalo Soldier" Added to Arts Center Schedule February 15 for Black History Month - Free Matinee for Students, Evening Performance $10

Mattie Kelly Arts Center


1/11/2011 -

In honor of Black History Month, the Mattie Kelly Arts Center at Northwest Florida State College is pleased to announce the addition of a nationally touring historical drama -"Buffalo Soldier: Sergeant George Jordan 1847-1904 Medal of Honor" to appear on Tuesday, February 15 at 1:30 p.m. and 7:30 pm in the center's mainstage theater in Niceville.

The matinee performance only is free of charge for NWF State College students with ID or K- 12 students and their adult chaperones. Tickets for the evening performance are $10 each for adults or students. School groups should contact house manager Delores Merrill or Jeanette Shires at 729-6065 or 729-6004 for information or group seating.

Noted British actor Cedric Liqueur will present his one-man theatrical production depicting the life and bravery of African-American Buffalo Soldier George Jordan who was a Buffalo Soldier in the United States Army and a recipient of America's highest military decoration-the Congressional Medal of Honorand a Certificate of Merit for his actions in the Indian Wars of the western United States (1866-1897). Eighteen black troopers received the Medal of Honor for bravery during this period. Buffalos are a sacred and revered animal to Native Americans and legend states that during the Indian Wars, the term Buffalo Soldiers was thought to express the respect Native Americans held for the brave African-American soldiers.

Approximately twenty percent of the U.S. Cavalry troopers were African- Americans. They fought over 177 engagements against the Apache, Comanche, Ute, Kiowa, Shoshone, Cheyenne, Bannock, Kickapoo, Sioux and Blackfoot. Jordan was born in rural Williamson County in central Tennessee. His parents were slaves. On December 25 1866, at age 19, he enlisted in the 38th Infantry and in 1870 he was transferred to the 9th Cavalry's K Troop, his home for twenty-six years. By the time of his retirement in 1896 at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, Jordan had served ten years as first sergeant. His later years were spent in Crawford, Nebraska where he was a successful landowner.

Diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 1904 Jordan was denied admission to the Fort Robinson hospital and "died for the want of proper attention" on October, 25 1904. Sergeant Jordan was buried with full military honors at Fort Robinson, Nebraska, October 29, 1904. His permanent gravesite is Fort McPherson National Cemetery, Maxwell, Nebraska.

Cedric Liqueur has been a professional theater stage actor, playwright and director since 1997, having presented one-man solo performances of world literature at schools, colleges, universities and many other venues in the United States, Canada and Europe. A former member of the Royal Shakespeare Co., Liqueur completed university studies in classical history and literature at King's College in London and film studies at San Francisco State University.

"You never really know what you are going to do, and then someone else sees it in you," said Cedric Liqueur. A gifted actor with a master's degree in microbiology, Mr. Liqueur is familiar with the power others have to inspire. Mr. Liqueur caught the acting bug years ago at a party in England.

"This..guy told me I should be an actor," he said, recalling the night that would change his life forever. As luck would have it, that "guy" happened to be Patrick Stewart of "Star Trek" fame. As a result of his chance encounter with the actor, Mr. Liqueur scored an audition with the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon. "That's where it all began," he said of the opportunity that has found him traveling the world as an actor.

For more information or tickets, contact the Mattie Kelly Arts Center Box office by phone or in person at (850) 729-6000 or purchase tickets online at the centers website at